Water for Your Pet’s Health

During the summer heat, there’s nothing more refreshing than cool water. Whether we’re playing in it or drinking it, water is a key tool to beating the heat, for humans and animals alike.

Drinking water to stay hydrated not only helps your pet keep cool, it also helps his overall health. Like us humans, most animals’ bodies are made up of mostly water, so drinking water allows the systems in their bodies to run better. Dogs drink about an ounce of water per pound of their body weight, unless they exercise and need more. At Merry Pets, we’re committed to keeping your pets hydrated and healthy, so we

*make sure your pets have plenty of fresh, clean water in clean bowls daily when we pet/house sit.
*bring water along on dog walks and hikes to ensure your dog’s getting plenty of refreshing, clean drinking water.

*take your dogs on hikes in places with higher elevations, shady trails or running water to keep them cooler overall.
*carry water in cars while transporting your pets to and from their destinations for pet taxi and hikes.

Keep your dog cool and healthy this summer with plenty of hydration for optimal health.