3 Tips for Successful Road Trips with Pets

Taking your pets on road trips is a fun summer pastime! And preparing for such trips can help them be more of a pleasant activity than a chore. Follow these tips for fun and safe summer road trips with your pets.

Tip #1: Make sure your pets are ready. Acclimate your pets to car rides ahead of time to make long road trips go much easier. Take short trips around town to help them get used to–and look forward to–longer trips.

Tip #2: Make pets comfy. Place a sunshade on your car windows to reduce heat for your furry, feathered or scaly friends. Choose travel crates that are ventilated and keep your pets cool, placing ice packs around or in their travel crates if needed. Spritz them periodically with water from a spray bottle as needed to keep their temperatures low and their spirits high.

Tip #3: Plan ahead to stop frequently. Dogs and cats need frequent bio breaks and time to stretch their legs, so make sure to plan time to stop at rest stops. Bring along fresh water and a bowl, and keep a tarp handy if you need to create a shady area for these stops.

Following these tips will help your road trip with pets go smoothly! For more great tips, visit the WebMD Pets site.