Poison Prevention for Pets


Pets can be as mischievous as little children, getting into things when you least expect it. Keeping your pets safe from poisons definitely means keeping household chemicals, medications and the like out of their reach, but it also means knowing which non-chemical items may be poisonous to them. In honor of Poison Prevention Awareness Month for Pets, here are some common items that may be toxic to your pets. Some may surprise you!

Avocados, Garlic and Onion. These make fabulous guacamole, but all three are toxic to birds, dogs and cats.

#2 Pencils. These back-to-school staples are harmless on their own, but if your dog or cat chews them up, the effects can be hazardous.

Keep pencils stowed safely away so pets don’t chew on them and harm themselves.

Keep pencils stowed safely away so pets don’t chew on them and harm themselves.

Tulip Bulbs, Oleander and Chrysanthemums. As you get ready to plant your garden, avoid these three and a handful of other plants that may harm your pets. See more toxic plants on this list from the ASPCA.

Mothballs. These helpful balls may keep linens and clothing free from pests, but keep them well hidden from pets, as they can be toxic. If you don’t use mothballs, read the labels of air fresheners, potpourri mixes and other items you’re considering using to ensure they are safe if pets accidentally consume them.

A Variety of Human Foods. Some food and drink that are ok for humans to consumer are poisonous to pets, so don’t share chocolate, caffeine, coffee, alcohol or yeast dough. Also, be sure to not serve your dog cooked bones, as they splinter and can be extremely harmful to their digestive systems.

These are just a handful of items to avoid. For a complete list of possible poisons, consult this list from the ASPCA. And if you’re concerned your pet has ingested something that may be poisonous, call one of the 24-hour veterinary clinics around the Salt Lake Valley:

Advanced Veterinary Care  801-942-3951

Cottonwood Animal Hospital   801-278-0505

Utah Veterinary Center 801-871-0600

Be prepared ahead of time by printing this free list of 24-hour veterinary hospitals around the Wasatch Front from Pets in the City Magazine.