3 D.I.Y. St. Patrick’s Day Treats for Your Pets

St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner, and that usually means tasty treats for humans like shepherd’s pie and green beer. But who says humans should have all the fun for this festive holiday? Give your pets a little luck of the Irish with these tasty and fun St. Patty’s Day treat ideas.

1. Top it with green. Turn everyday treats into a St. Patrick’s delights by adding a layer of pet-safe green icing! Just follow this recipe from Entirely Pets to mix yogurt, milk and tapioca starch together; add a dash of natural green food coloring, and voila! You can top any hard treat with green icing for a festive twist.

2. Give them gluten-free green cookies.
 Mint and parsley not only give these these tummy-friendly treats their green color–they help your pooch’s breath stay minty fresh for the holiday! Mix these few ingredients following the recipe from Downtown Native for a taste-o’-the-Irish cookie that helps even allergy-ridden pooches celebrate in style.

3. Try green libations. Not all St. Patrick’s Day treats need to be edible – some can be drinkable. Like we do with human beer, you can add natural green food coloring to beer for dogs. Or, try sharing a green smoothie with these recipes from Dogster to celebrate the holiday while increasing both of your veggie intake.

They look so good you could eat them up!

They look so good you could eat them up!