3 Tips to Successfully Brush Your Pet’s Teeth

Regular teeth brushing keeps harmful bacteria at bay, promoting good dental health and keeping your pet free from gum disease and tooth decay. Aside from that, it helps your pet’s breath stay fresher! While brushing your pet’s teeth can seem a bit daunting, it doesn’t have to be a chore. Follow these tips to successfully keep your pet’s teeth pearly white.

Success Tip #1: Use pet-friendly tools. Brushing your pet’s teeth goes a lot easier when you have tools that fit the bill. Shop for smaller, pet-safe toothbrushes to better fit your pet’s mouth. And purchase pet-formulated toothpaste or make your own at home, so they are not only safe for Fido’s health, they are more appealing, making brushing easier.

Success Tip #2: Start slowly. If you or your pet isn’t used to regular brushing, it’s best to ease into the process. Forcing your pets into brushing sets a precedent that’s difficult to overcome. Approach your pets when they are relaxed, and get them used to you touching their mouths and faces first. Then allow them to taste the toothpaste first from your finger, as the brush can be intimidating to start with. You can start brushing their teeth and gums with your finger, or even a cotton swab or cheesecloth before introducing the brush. Patience is key–keep at it and don’t get discouraged.

Get your pet used to having his teeth touched as prep for at-home tooth brushing.

Get your pet used to having his teeth touched as prep for at-home tooth brushing.

Success Tip #3: Make it a routine. Once you have the right tools and get your pet used to his teeth being touched and brushed, brushing his teeth regularly is key. Choose a time of day to make it part of your daily routine. Right before meals is a good time, as then the meal can be a reward. You can also try brushing right after your pet wakes and is relaxed, too. It’s optimal to brush your pet’s teeth each day, but 3-4 times per week will do wonders, too.

Brushing your pet’s teeth regularly keeps his dental health in tact, not only making his smile brighter, but his life healthier overall. If you’re running low on time to do it yourself, let us help–add a toothbrush service onto your next dog walk or pet sitting service from Merry Pets.