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5 Exercise Benefits for Dogs

At Merry Pets, we love taking dogs on hikes. It’s great to be outdoors with your pets, where their personalities shine. Not only do group hikes in small groups allow dogs to have adventures exploring, they also give dogs socialization practice and great exercise. According to the ASPCA, regular exercise gives your dog tons of benefits, including

Benefit #1: Helps them maintain a healthy weight.

Benefit #2: Keeps their bodies strong, limber and agile.

Benefit #3: Tires them out to prevent restlessness (which can lead to behavior issues).

Benefit #4: Reduces common behavior issues restless dogs experience, like chewing, hyperactivity, excessive barking, digging and more.

Benefit #5: Keeps digestive issues at bay.

Book your dog’s group hike today to give your dog exercise and keep him/her healthy.


Autumn Dog Hiking Fun with Merry Pets!

Autumn is in full swing, but that just means we have a more colorful playground for dogs on group hikes in the mountains with Merry Pets! We love seeing the happy looks on dogs faces as they explore, get good exercise, fresh air and socialization!

Look at these happy, energetic dogs!

Look at these happy, energetic dogs!

We’d love to have your dogs join us on the trail! Give us a call at 801-897-8022 to schedule your pup today.