Easy Tips for Brushing Pets

Brushing your pet’s fur is great for her hygiene, skin and overall wellbeing. While Merry Pets offers brushing and other pet spa services for the times you’re away or unable to, when you are home, brushing your pet can also be a very relaxing activity and a wonderful bonding activity. Follow these quick tips to brush your pet with ease.

Get your pet ready.  If your pet hasn’t been brushed before, a little prep work can take the activity from something she fears to something she looks forward to. Some specialists recommend you try stroking your pet with a clean oven glove or the back of a brush several times before using the bristle side of a brush, just to get her used to being pet with something other than a hand. Then slowly introduce brushing with bristles after you feel she’s ready.

Get the right brush. The right brush can make this grooming activity more of a massage while the wrong one can feel pretty painful. As a good rule of thumb, bristle brushes will work for most pets’ coats. According to Drs Foster and Smith, the longer your pet’s hair is, the more widely spaced the brush bristles should be, and the more coarse your pet’s hair is, the stiffer the bristles should be. Wire pin brushes with rubber tips make good choices for curly or wooly coats and slicker brushes work well for mats and tangles.

Get the right attitude. Brushing your pet can be a relaxing activity for you both, but it starts with you taking a relaxing approach with a positive attitude. If you lack confidence on how to brush your pet, your approach can be fearful, which she’ll sense. (Try watching videos on YouTube or reading tips on your favorite pet specialist’s site to build your confidence first.) Approach your pet with a relaxed, positive attitude and she’ll sense that too.


Following these tips can make brushing a positive experience that improves your pet’s health and wellbeing.