19 May, 2015

Watch for Signs: Bloat

In April 2015, Merry Pets sadly lost one of our beloved Merry pack mates, Charlie, to bloat. This condition, also known as gastric dilation-volvulus (GVD), came on quickly and took Charlie, a healthy dog who loved hiking and playing with his brother, Rocco, within hours. We miss Charlie, and we want to keep our other […]

6 Apr, 2015

Pet-Friendly Establishments Around Salt Lake City

If you’re planning on taking your pet along with you for errands, a meal or a trip, there are several establishments in and around Salt Lake City that welcome companion animals. Whether you want to stop for coffee or stay in a hotel, check out some of the best pet-friendly establishments in the area. Coffee […]

3 Mar, 2015

Poison Prevention for Pets

Pets can be as mischievous as little children, getting into things when you least expect it. Keeping your pets safe from poisons definitely means keeping household chemicals, medications and the like out of their reach, but it also means knowing which non-chemical items may be poisonous to them. In honor of Poison Prevention Awareness Month […]

2 Feb, 2015

3 Tips for Good Pet Dental Health

Preventing tooth and gum disease in your pet is just as important to his health as preventing respiratory diseases or parvovirus. And with February being National Pet Dental Health Month, it’s a great time to check in on your pet’s dental health by following these simple tips. Tip #1: Do a breath check. It’s ok […]

5 Jan, 2015

Adopt or Volunteer at Salt Lake Shelters & Rescues

If you’re looking to add a new furry or feathered friend to your family, why not adopt? There are lots of wonderful animals in and around Salt Lake City looking for forever homes in shelters and at rescue organizations. Some of our favorite Merry Pets pack mates were adopted by their families! And if you […]

16 Dec, 2014

Cold Weather Protection Tips

As the weather grows colder, Jack Frost doesn’t just nip at your nose–he also makes it difficult for your pets. Taking a few precautions will protect your pets from ol’ Jack Frost, keeping them safe and healthy during the cold winter months. Keep them warm. Keeping your pet warm during the winter will go a […]

8 Oct, 2014

Pet Care Tips for Fall

As Autumn arrives with its cooler weather and color-changing leaves, it’s time to trade your summer shorts in for sweaters and start decorating your home with gourds and wreaths. But as you’re preparing for Fall at your home and in your wardrobe, try these tips to prepare for your pet’s safety and health, too. Stay […]

1 Oct, 2014

Care Tips for Senior Pets

At Merry Pets, we know that senior pets often need extra TLC and care than their spry young counterparts. That’s why we tailor our pet sitting, walks and other services to fit their needs. To meet your senior pet’s needs, follow these helpful tips. Provide regular exercise. Just because your pet is older doesn’t mean […]

19 Sep, 2014

Easy Tips for Brushing Pets

Brushing your pet’s fur is great for her hygiene, skin and overall wellbeing. While Merry Pets offers brushing and other pet spa services for the times you’re away or unable to, when you are home, brushing your pet can also be a very relaxing activity and a wonderful bonding activity. Follow these quick tips to […]

12 Sep, 2014

Three Tips to Recover a Lost Pet

It’s always scary when a pet runs away. We at Merry Pets have joined in the search for clients’ lost furry friends in the past and know how stressful it can be. There are lots of things you can do to help get your pet back quickly, and time is of the essence, so the […]