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12 Jul, 2016

3 Tips for Flea & Tick Prevention

You see your pup or cat scratching and think, “Uh oh. Fleas?” And you may be right. Fleas and ticks can be a health problem for a variety of pets year-round, but they tend to thrive in warmer weather. Aside from the skin irritation they bring you and your pets, these pesky insects also bring […]

23 Feb, 2016

Essential Apps for Pet Parents

Mobile apps make keeping track of your appointments, contacts and social media easy–and they can help you keep your pet happy and healthy, too. With these mobile apps available for Android and iPhone, you can track your pets’ health and whereabouts, keep them entertained and even train them. Read on to discover Merry Pets‘ picks […]

16 Dec, 2015

4 Tips for Optimal Pet Nutrition

A healthy pet is a happy pet! And experts recommend many things for keeping pets physically healthy, including making sure they have vaccinations and regular checkups and get good exercise and nutrition. Read on for four tips for optimal pet nutrition to to keep your pet healthy and happy. 1. Provide clean water. Like humans, […]

12 Nov, 2015

5 Tips to Keep Pet Boredom at Bay

There’s a lot of debate about whether pets experience boredom like people do, but one thing’s for sure: sometimes when pets act out, it’s because they are restless and trying to keep themselves occupied in new and different ways. This is especially true of cats, dogs and parrots. If your pet suddenly acts out, becomes […]

28 Sep, 2015

Tips for Safe Car Rides with Pets

The sight of a dog with his head out the window of a car is usually one of pure joy. Many pets enjoy taking trips around town and out on the open road, and taking your pet along on car rides is a fun activity to do together. Read on for tips to keep your […]

4 Aug, 2015

6 Frozen Pet Treats for Summer

During the dog days of summer, one of the best ways to help your pet beat the heat is to give him or her some frozen treats. The refreshing cool taste of your pet’s favorite flavors will be a switch from drinking plain water and a delicious treat. Try one or more of these fun recipes […]

29 Jun, 2015

Tips to Keep Pets Safe During Fireworks

July in Utah brings not one, but two amazing holidays where we commemorate the birth of our nation and the founding of our state. Between Independence Day and Pioneer Day, the surge of patriotic pride is everywhere, and we celebrate with concerts, picnics, parades–and fireworks. While these colorful explosions are as American to us as apple […]

19 May, 2015

Watch for Signs: Bloat

In April 2015, Merry Pets sadly lost one of our beloved Merry pack mates, Charlie, to bloat. This condition, also known as gastric dilation-volvulus (GVD), came on quickly and took Charlie, a healthy dog who loved hiking and playing with his brother, Rocco, within hours. We miss Charlie, and we want to keep our other […]

6 Apr, 2015

Pet-Friendly Establishments Around Salt Lake City

If you’re planning on taking your pet along with you for errands, a meal or a trip, there are several establishments in and around Salt Lake City that welcome companion animals. Whether you want to stop for coffee or stay in a hotel, check out some of the best pet-friendly establishments in the area. Coffee […]

3 Mar, 2015

Poison Prevention for Pets

Pets can be as mischievous as little children, getting into things when you least expect it. Keeping your pets safe from poisons definitely means keeping household chemicals, medications and the like out of their reach, but it also means knowing which non-chemical items may be poisonous to them. In honor of Poison Prevention Awareness Month […]

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