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21 Feb, 2017

3 Winter Safety Tips for Walking Dogs

Colder temps may make us humans want to stay inside all bundled up, but they don’t always slow down our companion animals, many of whom like to walk, hike and explore outside–with or without their pet parents. If you’re planning to take your pup for a walk, let him play outside and more, follow these […]

19 Jan, 2017

Winter Dog Hiking Fun with Merry Pets

You may think that colder temperatures and snow might slow us down on group hikes with Merry Pets, but you’d be wrong! We love romping in the mountains, no matter the weather. And the snow creates a white playground for us to help your dogs explore, make friends, and get good exercise and fresh air! […]

18 Nov, 2016

Autumn Dog Hiking Fun with Merry Pets

Autumn is in full swing, but that just means we have a more colorful playground for dogs on group hikes in the mountains with Merry Pets! We love seeing the happy looks on dogs faces as they explore, get good exercise, fresh air and socialization! Look at these happy, energetic dogs! Active Merry packmates on […]

25 Oct, 2016

Prepare a Pet First Aid Kit

Just like humans, pets sometimes get scrapes and other injuries that need quick attention. Preparing and stocking a pet first aid kit will help you be ready for quick action when trouble strikes. We at Merry Pets take pet first aid education at the American Red Cross and carry first aid kits with us to […]

13 Sep, 2016

3 Tips to Help Teething Puppies

Bringing home a new puppy opens up a world of cuddles, licks and love. Aside from getting your puppy settled in and trained, one of the most common issues with new puppies is their mouthiness. They can chew on pretty much everything, partly because they are still growing and exploring–and partly because they are teething. […]

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