5 Tips for Dog Water Safety

8 Jun, 2017

5 Tips for Dog Water Safety

Playing and swimming in the water is a wonderful way to beat the summer heat for both you and your pets! And while some dogs love water more than others, following just a few tips will help your pooch stay safe while you’re out and about in pools, lakes and more.

1. Follow your dog’s lead. You may think all dogs love the water, but even breeds known for water loving can be hesitant until they get comfy. Make time to help your dog get comfy around and in water. Don’t force your pup to go in the water, and choose a shallow body of water to try going in together to play and interact.

2. Take precautions. A little preparation goes a long way when it comes to water safety. Try:

    • Choosing a body of water that’s safe for and welcomes dogs prior to getting wet.
    • Checking the tide report to make sure rip tides aren’t going to be an issue before swimming in the ocean.
    • Fitting your pup for a life vest for extra safety, especially if you’re going out on a boat.

3. Keep a close watch. Whether your dog has been swimming for years or is just starting out, keeping a close watch when he’s in the water is important to stop issues before they start. Tired pups are more prone to accidents and, unfortunately, drowning, so know your pup’s limits and take him out of the water at the first signs of fatigue.

4. Provide fresh water for drinking. Chemicals and bacteria in water bodies can be bad for your dog to ingest, so bring fresh water to encourage him to drink water that’s safe.

5. Rinse off. After swimming in a pool, lake or the ocean, take time to rinse off with fresh water to help your dog’s skin be free of salt, chlorine and other things that could dry out his skin.

Taking a few precautions can keep your pooch safe when playing and swimming in water. Photo by Pet Friendly Travel Blog.