3 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Your Pet

13 Apr, 2017

3 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Your Pet

Although every day is Earth Day with Merry Pets fun hikes in the forests, April 22 is set as the official holiday to celebrate and be good to our planet. And what better way to celebrate than with your pet? Whether it’s resolving to be better to planet earth or getting out on it, here are three ways to celebrate Earth Day with your pet.

1. Buy eco-friendly products. Support earth-friendly companies when you shop for food, clothing and other items for you and your pet to leave less of a carbon footprint overall. Do your research and look for the green seal or organic certification labels on packages as you buy. Merry Pets uses fully biodegradable waste pick-up bags on our walks and hikes to stay earth-friendly.

2. Recycle & reuse. Add the earth-friendly practices to your life, such as

  • Recycle glass, paper and metal waste, including the containers for your pet’s food and treats, through your city’s recycling program or to the local recycle plant.
  • Donate gently used pet toys, clothing and more to thrift shops rather than throwing them away to allow others to reuse or upcycle them, reducing waste.
  • Compost your food and pet waste to use as fertilizer for your yard’s or community’s garden.

3. Get out in your neighborhood. Being good to the earth starts in your own community. Try celebrating earth day by

  • Bringing neighbors together to pick up trash or plant trees.
  • Planting a garden or work in a community garden together.
  • Joining a friendly fun run to raise money for a local earth-friendly initiative.
  • Going out for a walk or hike with your pet.
Planting your own working in a community garden with your pet is a fabulous way to celebrate love you back Earth Day. Photo by Vegetable Gardener.

Celebrating this holiday with your pet is easy and fun!