3 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Make (and Keep!) with Your Pet

5 Jan, 2017

3 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Make (and Keep!) with Your Pet

A new year is here, and, with it, comes the opportunity for new beginnings for you and your pets. If you’ve ever tried to set a New Year’s resolution, you know that they are easier to make than to keep. And you know that having a buddy with a similar resolution helps you keep your own. Why not work on resolutions along with your pet for bonding, enjoyment and better accountability? Here are three ideas to try together.

Resolution idea #1: Serve others. Put a smile on people’s faces in the new year by choosing a charity or cause you and your pet can volunteer for and help with. Try:

  • volunteering to walk dogs at the local shelter or rescue together
  • a 5K walk or fun run to raise money for a charity you believe in
  • going through training to become a certified therapy animal certified to visit those who are ill and in need of cheering up.
Going on a fun run with your dog can help you bond while you raise money for a good cause. Photo by Mauna Kea Realty.

Resolution idea #2: Get active. Everyone can do with a little more activity and fun in their lives. Look for ways you and your pet can get out and walk, hike or play more to get your blood flowing, your heart rate up, and be healthier overall.

Resolution idea #3: Try new tricks. Learning and trying new things helps both you and your pet expand your mind, be flexible and have fun. Try some of these new things this year:

  • Get a new hobby (working in the yard, puzzles, agility, etc.),
  • Take a new route on your walk or hike,
  • Change your scenery by taking a trip together to a new place.
Take your pet on a road trip to change up your scenery and learn something new this year. Photo by Bone Jour Pet Supply.

Working together on resolutions with your pet can help you be closer, healthier and happier. Have fun together with resolutions this year!