Pooch on the Pond 2016 with Merry Pets

6 Dec, 2016

Pooch on the Pond 2016 with Merry Pets

If there’s one thing we at Merry Pets love just as much as pets, it’s hockey! (After all, our founder is Canadian, eh!) So when we get a chance to combine the two, we jump at it. Each year, the Utah Grizzlies allow people to bring their dogs to a home game to experience the thrill of it all, and Merry Pets was there. We set up a booth to meet people and their pooches, give treats away and more.

Nichole and Jared manned the Merry Pets booth at Pooch on the Pond, giving away treats, SWAG and more.

It was fun to see pups and their owners enjoying the game, including a few barks to cheer our home team on! In between periods, some pups were even brought out on the ice for a little fun presentation!

Our Utah Grizzlies played well, and even though they lost to the Allen Americans, an unforgettably fun time was had by all.