2 Tips to Encourage Cats to Use Scratching Posts

27 Sep, 2016

2 Tips to Encourage Cats to Use Scratching Posts

You pick out a brand new scratching post and bring it home for your cat, excited to see her start using and enjoying it. But she turns her nose up at it and goes back to scratching your drapes. What?? There’s no need to return the scratching post to the store — try these tips to entice your cat to use it.

Tip #1: Outfit the post with an enticing variety of surfaces. Cats love to explore, so add a variety of textures and surfaces (such as corrugated or flat cardboard, lightweight wood, twine or rope, a variety of fabrics, upholstery swatches and more) to lure your cat towards it.

Tip #2: Add toys and more. It’s not just surfaces that will help encourage your cat to use the scratching post — a variety of toys and scents will help, too. Consider adding toys that:

  • Hang, swing or bounce
  • Are scented with catnip or honeysuckle
  • Show bright colors made in an assortment of materials
  • Are filled with treats

Place these toys in different places places near the various textures on the post to entice them to scratch as or after they explore the toys.

Adding a variety of surfaces, toys and more will invite your cat to explore and use their new scratching post. Photo by Animal Hearted.

Remember to have patience and don’t give up! Just like you should redirect a new puppy from chewing inappropriate to appropriate items, you should keep redirecting your cat towards the cat scratching post. Consistency is key.